Friday, May 22, 2015

Upside Down or Underwater Mortgage/Home- How to "walk away" from a mortgage and survive...

NOT walk away and foreclose...

Here we are in the second half of 2015. Just when you thought it was safe. Home prices did not go up as fast or as high as you thought they would. As a matter of fact home values in a majority of states appear to have reached their peak and in many cases a decline is happening already. Now you're back to where you were a year or two ago. Still making payments on an unwanted or unmanageable mortgage. You could have used those funds for something that you need or even want. There are arguments against walking away from an unwanted or unmanageable mortgage such as on moral or ethical grounds. However most people who walk away believe they have good reason to do so. Things like a sudden reduction in income or just plain losing their job rank in the top. A necessary relocation or out of state move is next. Divorce or significant other separation. Some even tried landlording but the expenses related to the repairs, maintenance, insurance, taxes and dealing with defaults, evictions and tenants from hell have swayed many homeowners from that route. There are many other valid reasons as well.

However all have 2 common problems. #2. The home cannot be sold NOW, which means the mortgage can't be paid paid off or satisfied now or the near future. The balance owed on the mortgage is more than the market value of the home. Commonly known as being upside down or underwater. This means negative equity/no equity. And #1. You want to stop making mortgage payments NOW. Is there a no equity option? Yes, there is a mortgage relief option.

Mortgage Relief Solutions has a mortgage relief - no equity option that helps many home owners who are under water or upside down on their mortgage and home. This mortgage relief option is exactly what it is. An option. Which means it is an alternative, a choice. It may not be for all homeowners looking for a way to get out from paying a mortgage that they can no longer afford or no longer want to pay. Most homeowners feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If you are one of these homeowners and you're seeking a way to relieve yourself of your monthly mortgage payments and can't sell your house right now but do not want to foreclose, do not want to be a landlord, don't want repair, maintenance, tax issues, etc. then this is an option for you. Think of it this way. We manage the home while WE (Mortgage Relief Solutions) make the mortgage payments. You move on. In exchange for us making your monthly mortgage payments, maintaining the property, paying the insurance, paying the taxes, making repairs, handling tenant buyers, and ultimately selling the property which then removes your name from the mortgage, all of which requires our time, effort and money, we ask in return some security. That security for us is to be named the legal owners of the property we're paying the mortgage on. After all why would we pay a mortgage on a property that we don't have some sort of interest, security or ownership of?

So if you are one of these homeowners who have examined all other options and those options are not feasible financially or otherwise then this may be an option or solution to your unwanted or unmanageable mortgage payment and house. Call Mortgage Relief Solutions. We take over...You move on.

Download a Property Fact form ---> here. Simply fill out where applicable and either email, fax or mail back to us and we'll contact you within 72 hours and start the process. If you have questions or concerns you can read about our Mortgage Relief Program <---- here or just send us an email to or call us at (602) 753-7828.

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by Eric Brown
Property Acquisition Manager

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